Jessica Martin and Brad Hughes handle divorce, child custody, juvenile, guardianship and adoption cases for Martin Law, LLC. They represent clients in divorce and custody actions, parents and minors in juvenile cases, and act as Guardians ad Litem for children involved in family, juvenile and probate cases. Jessica and Brad routinely represent clients in adoption cases, as well as, clients on both sides of ex parte orders of protection.

Jessica now accepts cases in Christian, Taney, Greene, Douglas and Stone Counties. By limiting her practice areas, and counties of practice, she has learned more about the tendencies of the Judges who routinely handle these matters in each location, giving her the ability to give clients advice based on experience with these Courts.

Brad now accepts orders of protection and minor guardianships in Christian, Taney, Greene, Douglas and Stone Counties. By limiting his practice areas, and his location of practice, he has learned more about the tendencies of the Judges who routinely handle these matters in each location, giving him the ability to give clients advice based on experience with these Courts.

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Divorces involve multiple issues, including the distribution of property and debts acquired during the marriage, the separation of non-marital assets, child custody and visitation issues, child support, spousal maintenance, and potentially, reimbursement of attorney’s fees. Jessica and Brad have litigated divorces, known as dissolutions of marriage in Missouri, in Christian, Taney, Greene, and Douglas Counties on a regular basis. In addition to basic property and debt distributions, Jessica and Brad have also handled issues involving division of retirement assets including the drafting of qualified domestic relations orders. Not only are Jessica and Brad able to successfully conduct trials on these issues, they are also able to successfully guide clients toward reasonable settlements to resolve the case without prolonging the process unnecessarily or further increasing costs.

Custody litigation focuses on the best interest of the child. In addition to representing mothers and fathers in child custody litigation, Jessica and Brad have also served as Guardians ad Litem, where they represent the best interest of the child in situations where there are allegations of abuse or neglect. After a child custody order is entered, it can later be modified by the Court if there is a change in circumstances that is substantial and continuing and the best interest of the child would be supported by a change in the custody order. Jessica and Brad routinely handle child custody and modification cases, so contact Martin Law, LLC to seek answers to questions you have related to these topics.

Often referred to as “ex partes” or “restraining orders,” Orders of Protection are issued in situations of domestic violence or stalking. There are potential consequences to the party that these orders are entered against, including restriction of gun rights, and being listed in law enforcement databases until the order expires. Further, it is a criminal offense to violate an order of protection once it is entered. Jessica has represented parties seeking Orders of Protection, as well as parties defending these actions, and has had success on both sides. In addition to representing adult parties in these cases, she also routinely serves as Guardian ad Litem in these matters to represent the best interest of minor children who are the victims of violence or abuse.

Minor guardianships are entered when children under the age of 18 are in need of a guardian because their natural parents are unwilling, unable or unfit to assume the duties of guardianship. While these are in the nature of custody cases, they are heard through the Probate Court. In addition to guardianships, there are situations where third-party custody through the Family Court may be a more appropriate avenue to take. To determine which alternative makes more sense for the situation your family is experiencing, contact Jessica or Brad. 

Adult guardianships and conservatorships are entered when adults are unable, based on some mental or physical health issue, to meet their own reasonable needs for food, clothing, shelter, and safety to such an extent that there is a reasonable certainty that harm will come to the adult if someone else is not able to make these decisions. Conservatorships are necessary when an adult has financial assets, but is unable to manage his or her financial resources.

The happiest hearings in the courthouse, adoptions are this firm's favorite cases. There are many types of adoptions, and the requirements for each are a bit different. Martin Law, LLC has successfully represented Petitioners seeking to adopt, served as Guardians ad Litem for children being adopted, and represented biological parents who were opposing the adoption of their child. Serving in these versatile roles has helped Jessica and Brad develop a thorough understanding of the adoption process. If you would like to discuss the possibility of an adoption, please contact Jessica or Brad for a consultation about this exciting process.


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