Brad Hughes handles all of the criminal, traffic, and municipal cases for Martin Law, LLC. He defends clients and their constitutional rights in cases ranging from simple traffic tickets to complex felonies in Springfield, Ozark, and surrounding areas. He truly listens to his clients’ concerns and stands up for their rights.

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Felonies are the most serious type of offense anyone can face in Missouri. Being charged with a felony is a frightening prospect, with penalties ranging from 1 year in the Missouri Department of Corrections to life without parole, in addition to loss of such significant civil liberties as voting and gun rights. It is imperative that you have a confidant at the earliest stages of the criminal process when facing such life-altering consequences. Brad has defended clients in hundreds of felony cases, ranging from offenses such as Possession of a Controlled Substance, Distribution and Manufacturing of a Controlled Substance, Domestic Assault, Theft, Resisting Arrest, Check Forgery, Burglary, Robbery, and Sexual Offenses. Brad has experience defending clients in felony cases all around Southwest Missouri. His first priority is obtaining a fair bond for his clients while they await trial. If you, a family member or friend is charged with a felony offense, contact Martin Law, LLC immediately.

DWIs happen all across society, to people of all walks of life. From wealthy to struggling. Individuals facing prosecution for a DWI are at risk for both loss of liberty and severe consequences to their driving privileges. Contacting an attorney as soon as possible is extremely important in order to avoid loss of driving privileges. Brad Hughes has defended hundreds of clients facing DWI charges. Contact Martin Law, LLC immediately if you have been charged with a DWI.

Misdemeanor charges, despite lacking the potential loss of liberty and collateral consequences that felonies do, still pose dangers to individuals facing prosecution for such offenses, including significant jail time of up to one year in jail, $1000 in fines, and loss of driving privileges. Misdemeanors also significantly affect employment prospects. It is extremely important to take misdemeanor offenses seriously for this reason. Brad has defended thousands of clients in cases ranging from trespass, theft, property damage, possession of marijuana and paraphernalia, to DWIs and other alcohol-related offenses. You deserve a lawyer who will treat your case, no matter how minor, with the utmost priority.

Traffic tickets can have a profound impact on your Missouri driving record, including loss of driving privileges for up to one year. Very rarely is it in your best interest to simply pay the ticket. Brad Hughes provides reasonably priced traffic-related services all across southwest Missouri. Contact Martin Law, LLC if you have been stopped for speeding, driving without a license, or any other traffic-related matter.

Delinquency actions are filed by the Juvenile Office when persons under 17 years of age are accused of acts that would constitute crimes if committed by someone 17 years of age or older. Delinquency actions may also be filed by the Juvenile Office if the minor is in need of care and treatment due to habitual absence from school or the home, being beyond the control of parents or other custodians, and behaviors or associations that are injurious to the welfare of the minor. Delinquency actions carry substantial consequences, up to and including commitment to Missouri’s Division of Youth Services (DYS) for an indeterminate period of time. Some offenses include lifetime consequences, such as being placed on the juvenile sex offender registry. If your child becomes involved in the delinquency process, it is imperative that you seek legal advice quickly. Brad Hughes and Jessica Martin have experience dealing with the juvenile offices and courts of southwest Missouri. Contact Martin Law, LLC immediately if your child becomes involved in a delinquency action.


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